Both the Internet and WiFi have been something of a household name for quite some time now. Continual and immediate access to WiFi has popularized to the extent that people pretty much expect a wireless connection wherever they go. When you are out and about, or travelling, rebounding from one free public Wi-Fi network to the next or counting on unreliable hotel and cafe internet sources can be frustrating and a waste of your valuable time. Portable Internet Solutions have cropped up in many forms and there are a multitude of benefits when considering Internet and WiFi connections while you are on the go.

Staying Connected While You Travel

One of the first things that comes to mind when considering WiFi access on the go, is travelling. Whether it’s in Canada or further afield internationally, being connected to your friends, family, work and accessing information in general, is largely a necessity these days. Therefore, you need something such as a portable WiFi router. Instead of being attached to a phone cable for connection, this form of WiFi works from a SIM card. The benefits here, are that you can continually get the lowest rates. This is because you will be using a worldwide data SIM or a local SIM. A portable WiFi device will also enable you to set up your own private internet connection, practically anywhere in the world. At least ten different devices can be connected at the same time. This means the use of phones, laptops, tablets and iPads, games consoles and cameras simultaneously. It is recommended that you acquire an unlocked SIM to keep your costs low wherever you are.

What is a hotspot?

A mobile hotspot is an easy and reliable way of acquiring data, so that you can access an Internet connection and WiFi while on the go. When thinking of acquiring a hotspot device, there is no shortage of choices. You even have the option of renting or buying. To make your personal choice, consider what type of traveller you are, for instance urban, international global or infrequent. If you don’t travel all that often, your mobile phone can be used as a hotspot, depending on the type of phone. One example of a 2017 released hotspot, is Tep.

Low Roaming Charges

An MiFi device enables you to take internet with you when you travel. It allows computers to directly communicate with each other without a router.The basic difference between WiFi and MiFi is that WiFi provides an Internet access point that requires a local wireless network whereas an MiFi has a wireless access point, is mobile and can be carried with you wherever you go. It works off a 3G signal, which is relatively fast. MiFi provides a mobile broadband connection anywhere you are located and allows multiple users to connect to the access point.You can use any SIM card inside, therefore you can always get the lowest data rates when you travel internationally.

Roaming charges can push the cost of remote internet access sky high, so most people tend to turn off their roaming internet access, and rely on random internet sources. We at Big Internet aim to provide you and your event attendees with temporary or long term WiFi connection without you having to waste mobile network data. The temporary Internet pop-up that we offer allows individuals to switch off their roaming data, ultimately saving a considerable amount of money, while encouraging increased browsing that showcases company’s brands, drives engagement and allows companies to relate to their customers in the moment.

Conserving Mobile Network Data

Who doesn’t want to conserve their mobile network data and save money doing so? People will be more inclined to participate in your social media pages when they’re at your event if there is temporary internet available, because they won’t be wasting their own mobile network data. Most Canadian Internet wireless packages have data caps. You can read about this at Canadian Data Plan Caps.

We at Big Internet offer indoor and outdoor WiFi Internet connection that will keep your clients and attendees connected with each other. Having people interact easily and cost free with social media will spread the good words about your event and result in increased advertising and ultimately more and future sales.

If it is a film shoot, pop-up retail kiosk or company-wide event or conference that you are catering for, everyone involved can stay connected and interact via all social media outlets, while the cost of mobile network data is absorbed by Big Internet’s indoor and outdoor portable internet solutions. It is beneficial to your organization to have contact with each other that won’t cost you the earth. We can also offer Real-Time Analytics, so that you can gain valuable insight on your attendees. With WiFi analytics, you can use the data collected to generate leads, grow your contact list and create personalized marketing campaigns that boost sales.

With easy set-up, requiring no specific experience, no long-term contracts, easy delivery right to your door and an easy returning process there is little, if anything, keeping you from contacting us for your next marketing event!

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