Today’s tech-savvy population has come to expect internet connectivity when they’re out and about. Once viewed as an amenity, free WiFi is now seen as a must if you want to boost sales and grow your business. Consumers have become heavily reliant on their smartphones and this dependence will continue to grow exponentially in the years ahead. According to the latest stats, cellphone users say they spend about 90 minutes on their devices per day. And that’s not restricted to phone calls and texts either. They’re doing research, online shopping, and playing games as well.

It’s no wonder why people seem happier when they enter a coffee shop with internet connectivity. Or why travelers only pick hotels that offer free WiFi. Businesses do well when their customers want to hang around, whether that’s ordering an extra coffee or book an extra night.

So, why is it that the big cafe and fast food chains are the only ones who seem to offer free internet? If you’re looking to increase profits, a portable internet service may be the key. Here’s what having a WiFi service at your business can do.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Ever look around the doctor’s office waiting room and notice people are miserable? You’d probably see a lot less bored faces if that clinic offered free WiFi. Whether you’re running an accounting firm or a family diner, one thing’s for sure. You want your customers to enjoy their visit.

A patient who is preoccupied with his phone won’t notice that your dental clinic is running behind schedule that day. Or someone who came in for an oil change won’t mind the line-up as much, granted she can kill time by Skyping her sister in France. Although consumers expect free WiFi at coffee shops and major restaurant chains, they don’t so much at their local mechanic or neighborhood gym. Differentiate yourself from the competition by offering free internet connectivity at places people least expect.

If your business operations involve some sort of waiting around period for the customer, install a WiFi solution. This will not only keep them happy but will ensure repeat business for years to come. And don’t forget to make it known that you offer free WiFi. Place a bold sign near the front desk or window that patrons can easily see.

Send Customized Messages to Engage Customers

Use your WiFi network to interact with customers by offering services and promotions on this newfound communications platform. You can do this by adding marketing initiatives to the initial login page when customers first connect to WiFi, for example:

  • A legal firm could offer free consultations and provide info on its area of expertise like personal injury or divorce law
  • A B&B could provide a local map and tips about nearby restaurants, boutiques, and attractions while offering coupon codes
  • An electronics depot could offer in-store discounts and rebates for various devices
  • A retailer could advertise price-matching for items a customer may be looking into on a competitor’s website

And the best part? Using your WiFi network to pitch customers is not an aggressive tactic. Many consumers hate receiving company emails or store clerks chasing them down to sign up for something. You’re essentially offering them free internet in exchange for a few moments of their time.

Give and Take

Many businesses boost their social media presence by asking customers for a favour as they login to the WiFi network. For example, the initial connectivity page will kindly ask the user if they mind leaving a Facebook review or ‘liking’ your page. Chances are the customer will be happy to engage with your business on social media because he is content at the moment. You have, after all, provided him with an opportunity to pass the time on his device. When customers ‘like’ your Facebook page, it often promotes your page to their friend networks. This type of publicity is too good to pass up, and it hardly takes much effort on your part.

Here are some other ways your customer can engage with you in exchange for free WiFi:

  • Ask your members to post Instagram selfies at your place of business with a hashtag you’ve created
  • Offer free in-store products to the first 25 people that comment on your latest Facebook post
  • Ask customers to tell their friends about your diner by uploading a video of their meals to Snapchat

Learn More About your Customer Base

You may have known all along that your main customer demographic is middle-aged suburban women between the ages of 41 and 53. But did you know many of them are on Pinterest and most of them belong to Facebook buy-and-sell groups? This info may at first seem irrelevant, but it can actually give you huge insight into your customers’ behavior and spending habits. You can discover more about your customer base by looking at the data on your managed WiFi solution. These kinds of analytics can tell you the following information:

  • The amount of time customers are spending on your WiFi network
  • Which clients are repeat business
  • Time periods in which your WiFi network is in highest demand
  • Smartphone apps that are being accessed while signed on to your network

Use this info to adjust your marketing strategies and offer promotional material that would appeal to your customers’ lifestyles.

Should Your Business Have WiFi?

If you’re on the fence as to whether to offer customers free internet, ask yourself these three questions. If the answer to either of them is ‘yes’, you may want to consider a WiFi solution.

  • Do your clients ever have to wait for your services?
  • Do they use their smartphones to compare prices with competitors while in store?
  • Would more details about your customers’ behavior help you devise a better marketing strategy?

In the long run, offering WiFi will help you gain customer loyalty and increase profits, so consider offering free connectivity and give your patrons the best experience possible.

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