BIG Analytics allows you to measure your foot traffic and make data driven decisions. 

BIG uses passive sensors and technology to gather critical information about your physical audience, the type of data required to optimize your out-of-home marketing efforts. 

The metrics we provide are displayed in real-time via a web-based dashboard which means you can validate and improve ROI without delay, anytime and anywhere. 

Our unique combination of hardware and software provides reliable, effective ‘crowd measurement and monitoring’ solutions in any environment, both indoor and outdoor, temporary or permanent.

BIG Analytics provides meaningful insights to optimize and improve ROI. 

BIG focuses on: 

    • Audience statistics to understand foot traffic patterns, demographics and volume. 
    • Multiple zones and locations for trending and comparisons over time. 
    • Dwell times to show how long visitors spend near the zone being monitored as well as how many simply walked by and didn’t stop. 
    • New and returning visitors to determine loyalty and measure re-engagement.
    • Heat mapping tools to visualize in real-time the presence of visitors and make decisions regarding event layout/booth design, traffic flow, staffing, etc.
    • Actionable reporting to keep you or your clients informed on performance results.

Reach out to learn more about other powerful features including: 

    • Audience Behaviour
    • Soft Biometrics/Demographics
    • Trend Analysis 
    • Live Monitoring/Camera Feeds
    • Data Management
    • Data Visualization
    • ROI calculators

BIG offers multiple analytics packages to suit your specific requirements. Don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with a BIG consultant who will help you determine the right one for your next project or event.

Note that with all packages, live camera feeds can be added allowing users to remotely observe and monitor projects, events, and activations.

BIG Analytics is now being used to help respond to COVID-19

Introducing SafeChek™ by BIG Digital, a technology platform offering real-time messaging tools, safety sensors & analytics - for the entrances of all types of businesses. 

Learn more about how BIG Analytics and  SafeChek™ are addressing the challenges faced by businesses as they operate under the ‘new normal’. 

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