When it comes to Wi-Fi & internet connectivity in locations requiring a dedicated, secure and reliable connection...

BIG's pop-up WiFi & temporary internet access is an easy to carry out-of-the box solution.

Literally, pop-up internet & portable Wi-Fi - IN A BOX!

What’s included in our “out-of-the box” services?

  • Each box is pre-configured with your unique WiFi network details
  • Our base package uses 2 internet connections giving you secure & reliable usable data
  • Our services include shipment directly to you via courier and pickup organized by us at the end of your usage
  • All of our packages can be enhanced to include live-streaming capabilities & custom designed splash pages
  • Add Big Analytics software to your activation and gain insightful data & ROI intel about your pop-up indoor or outdoor deployment
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Fast set-up, steady portable WiFi & Internet
anywhere, anytime, across Canada
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