The need for temporary WiFi rental has never been as obvious as it is today. Stakeholders in the WiFi Hotspot business are currently reaping great financial benefit from the popularity and demand for Wifi Hotspots. The projection for the future, acquired through extensive market research, tells a further story of success. Big Internet has the ability to not just meet, but to exceed stakeholders’ expectations concerning temporary WiFi rental.

What is a WI-FI Hotspot?

WiFi is a system of accessing the internet from remote devices, such as laptop computers, smartphones and other machines. Wifi is completely wireless despite these connections. A WiFi Hotspot is a physical, designated area where WiFi can be accessed either free of charge or for an hourly cost. WiFi Hotspots are usually found in Internet cafes, at public events, in hotels, libraries or are provided at the airport. WiFi Hotspots are ultimately handy when you are on the go!

The Importance of Market Research for Hotspot Stakeholders

Stakeholders in WiFi Hotspots require market research reports concerning the current market size and future potential of the market at the global and regional level. Market research identifies industry trends and market performance. These detailed reports concentrate on market size, future potential, sales ratio, market demand and future forecast.

Stakeholders benefit from detailed estimation of where the industry is going, in order to know how to proceed with viable business plans. For example, data gathered on WiFi Hotspot market trends, inquiries into feasibility analyses, a study of market attractiveness, and predictable investment returns estimation. They all project just how stakeholders can move forward with their business plans.

The Ways In Which Big Internet Can Benefit Hotspot Stakeholders

We can supply effortless, reliable wireless WiFi Internet connectivity Canada-wide, for any instance where there is a demand for an Internet Hotspot. The increasing demand for uninterrupted Internet connection at retail, education and especially for hospitality sectors, creates a mutual benefit for us at Big Internet and also for Hotspot stakeholders. As long as stakeholders maintain an interest in the business of Hotspots, our services are most applicable.

Further to market research, we at Big Internet offer a WiFi analytics tool that will determine answers to: Who is using your pop-up internet? What are they are using it for? How can you engage them further? The results of the collected data will drive brand awareness, as well as generate leads, grow your contact list and create personalized marketing campaigns that boost sales. Once again, we are working hand in glove.

Reducing internet data traffic from cellular networks is presently a hot topic of concern. Hotspots actually achieve this! This is just one example of the assurance of a continued interest in Hotspot from the stakeholders.

We are swept up in a storm of Internet connectivity demand and phenomenal growth predictions. Marketsandmarkets stated in 2015 that “The Wi-Fi Market size is expected to grow from USD 14.8 Billion in 2015 to USD 33.6 Billion by 2020, at an estimated Compound Annual Growth Rate of 17.8% from 2015 to 2020.” These statistics are quoted from and can be verified here. What this means to Hotspot stakeholders, is that they are headed towards future profits and growth that will exponentially surpass even those positive profits from the last three years. It really is an incredibly exciting time to be involved in hosting and hiring Internet Hotspots.

Factors Driving Increasing Hotspot Demand

A sharp increase in usage of smart devices, demand for free public Wi-Fi hotspots Canada- wide; the need to increase the ridership for public transportation; increase in investments in wireless technology, such as the WiFi rental services at Big Internet; growth in smart education techniques; advancements in the medical and healthcare sector; and growth in retail and hospitality due to wireless access for customers and others are driving the growth for the Wi-Fi market. Stakeholders couldn’t be more excited and engaged with their Hotspot interests.

The major businesses connected with Hotspot companies have expanded their market presence in the global Wi-Fi hotspot market by adopting various business strategies such as acquisition, geographical expansion, product development, strategic alliance, and collaboration.

How Big Internet Can Collaborate With Businesses

Our motto is simply, Internet anywhere! We offer three packages as far as temporary WiFi rental solutions: Basic, Enhanced or Premium.

The Basic Package offers a cellular-based mobile Internet and WiFi. It is perfect for:

  • Event Staffing
  • Film and Production Shoots
  • Executive Retreats

Our Enhanced Package is best described as advanced performance WiFi that uses cellular-based mobile Internet and is perfect for:

  • Marketing Activations
  • Free WiFi Connectivity
  • Corporate Events

Last, but by no means least, is our Premium Package, an enhanced package and custom WiFi marketing and audience analytics. This package is perfect for:

Of course, because of the audience analytics especially, we at Big Internet strongly recommend our Premium Package to those arranging an event for Hotspot stakeholders.

If you are a Hotspot stakeholder or any interested person, call us at
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