Outdoor festivals are some of the most anticipated events of the summer — especially ones that involve music. Big names on the concert circuit include Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Tomorrowland to name a few. We all know attendees will put up with no showers, bad sleeping arrangements, and rainy weather, but, they will not put up with no internet. Connectivity is now an expectation rather than a perk. With thousands of people in attendance, it’s crucial that organizers provide a reliable network, since there’s no advantage to internet downtimes in this digital age.

Whether you’re hosting a country music bonanza or international food fair, one thing is for sure: You must provide your guests with portable internet service. If you’re still not convinced, here are a few reasons why.

Comfort & Convenience

Festival attendees often pay big money to come to an event, especially if it involves an overnight stay. Many of them are traveling from out of town and their only form of communication is internet-based programs like Whatsapp and Apple’s WiFi text messaging service. By providing your guests with portable internet, you’re letting them know you care. Your organization is offering them the tools for a comfortable stay, which can pretty much guarantee they’re going to have a good time. Internet connectivity allows them to keep in touch with friends who are also in attendance or do some research about the places nearby.

When you offer your attendees the convenience of everyday luxuries, you can bet they’ll want to come back the next time you host a festival. Create a name for your brand by being the organizers whose guests are always connected. People care about these things, especially millennials who are an important target demographic for boosting your business.

Free Advertising

There’s no better way to publicize your festival than getting thousands of attendees talking about it on social media. After all, no experience is truly complete without a few selfies! With a portable internet connection, your guests can take photos, videos, and even Skype or Facetime the event for friends back home.

This is a huge asset for organizers who often spend tens of thousands of dollars in marketing. Once your festival is wired up for internet, you can sit back and enjoy the free publicity. Imagine all the hashtags that will be created as attendees live tweet the headlining act. Or the hundreds of pictures that will be uploaded to Instagram showing all the crowds, with your festival tagged in each one of them. And you can bet your guests will be uploading video left, right and sideways on popular platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Periscope. You’ve literally created an army of free promoters for your event.

None of this free advertising would be possible without an internet connection. So, although it may seem like a lot of money up front, all the brand recognition will be well worth the investment.

Behind-the-Scene Access

Debit machines, ticketing software, and security communications all require an internet connection. Chances are your operations teams need to stay connected to perform a number of different tasks, including collecting money for merchandise and staying in touch with other staff members.

Give your employees the tools needed to do their jobs without any restrictions. A strong internet signal will maximize efficiency because your personnel will not have to wait around for a better connection. There is nothing more frustrating than long lineups at the bar due to a slow POS terminal. Or security staff that can’t get reception on their communications devices during an emergency.

Adjustable Coverage Areas

If you don’t think it’s necessary to offer internet throughout the entire grounds, then you have the option to scale back the coverage area. A company like Big Internet can offer everything from site-wide connectivity to WiFi hotspots in designated areas. You can also use this flexibility to your advantage for marketing purposes. For example, if you’d like to get festival-goers to purchase raffle tickets, consider setting up a WiFi zone near the raffle booth. This strategy opens up opportunities to push guests to specific areas or attractions without being aggressive. It’s ideal for sales initiatives and promotional giveaways too.

Don’t forget to offer things like phone-charging ports and interactive social media walls. Attendees can charge their devices and play around on the social media walls as they wait. These touch screens allow them to pose for pictures and send shout-outs about your awesome event. An area like this can become its own self-contained destination within your festival grounds. They’re the ideal space for information hubs, live webcast backdrops and sponsorship booths too.

Emergency Purposes

Most festivals go smoothly and exactly as planned. But with so many people in attendance and the event taking place outside, emergencies can happen. Someone could get hurt backstage, stormy weather could tear down tents, or an altercation could erupt between festival-goers. That’s why having an internet connection is crucial when hosting a large-scale event. In the event of an emergency, attendees will want to contact relatives to let them know they’re safe. They may need to look up nearby hospitals in case of injury, or request an Uber if they have to leave the festival grounds unexpectedly. Be prepared for such disasters — a reliable internet connection can keep the lines of communication open and even help save lives.

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